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    Johanna and Silva (Monday, 05 February 2018 16:15)

    Our time at Rettarholt was truly an amazing experience! Annika and Robert treated us so nicely and as soon as we arrived it felt like home. They both are persons you can have a lot of fun with :) Jòn and Auður are also very kind people. The farmwork was great and we had a lot of fun, whether it was milking the cows, cuddling the calves or driving over fields with the car to built a fence. Annika and Robert also took us with them to local events like Laufskálarétt. We really fell in love with the beautiful landscape around the farm and with the horses and the four dogs that accompanied us whenever we had work to do. Especially training the young horses was so much fun and we learned a lot. Annika's cooking was always very delicious and you could always grab some cookies if you felt like it :D
    All in all it was an absolutely amazing time we spent with you guys and we will never ever forget this experience. We are already looking forward to see you again and then we will bring you a lot of Maggi and Lebkuchen :D

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    Pia und Heike (Friday, 30 September 2016 18:06)

    Halli hallo nach Island.
    Deine/Eure Seite ist total schön.
    Wir lesen gerne hier.
    Wie gehts Euch ?
    Wie war Euer Sommer?
    Lieben Gruss, Pia&Heike

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    Lissy (Monday, 06 June 2016 18:23)

    My friend Kaya and I spent a great time in may at Rettarholt with Annika and Róbert. Actually we planned to stay for 5 weeks but we flew home earlier because of my unbelievably stupid an unnecessary accident (I fell of a horse because the stirrup dropped...and I injured my ankle). Nevertheless we had 3 and a half great weeks!! We did so many things that you will never do or see in your life if you do not go to an Icelandic farm. Seeing a newborn lamb, calf or foal, herding horses with a car over the fields, riding through the beautiful landscape, accompanied by 3 really motivated dogs: Rex, Skaga and Nikki (who wasn´t always as motivated as Skaga and Rex ;-)).
    We did the milking every morning and evening and in the time when the milking machine worked, we looked after the sweet little calves. The first 2 weeks we were helping/working at the neighbors sheep farm, feeding the unbelievably always hungry sheep, watering (which contained running around with the water tube and a bucket trying to reach the tap before it overflowed), catching and struggling with the sheep to help them get their lamb(s) out, walking around and looking whether something is going on, jumping or crawling over fences and walls to reach every corner of the stable ;-)
    In the afternoon we spent the time with the horses, in the beginning we were training the young ones which was always very...interesting. In the end all of them did very good and it was great to see how much progress they did every day. With the time we got to know all of our “toys” as Annika called it and we enjoyed very much to take a ride tölting the riding ways up and down with our dream teams Littla Jarp&Freyja or Milla&Nàma :-)

    Beside the working and riding we also had the opportunity to get to know Iceland, seeing an Icelandic “town” and waterfalls, bathing in a hotpot and eating a hlölla batar. We did a day tour and we are still incredible thankful that we could borrowed Annikas car!
    It was a real pity that we left earlier, but that means we have another good reason beside the fresh air, the very tasty food (Annika is aa great cook!), the beautiful landscape, the adorable animals and so many other great things about Rettarholt to come again!! :-D Thank you for everything!

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    Sanna Wandtke (Tuesday, 03 May 2016)

    Serious guys, I spent one of the greatest times in my life at Rettarholt! I stayed 2 month with Annika und Robert on the farm and I am still dreaming of that time with longing. You will love to stand up early in the morning to walk over the little hill and get the cows for milking, accompanied by the happy and always energetic dogs Skaga, Nici and Rex. Or to go and get the amazing riding horses (Guffy, oh how I miss you), having a joyful heart, when you think about maybe riding at the river later. I just loved everything here! I loved the air, smelling like cows and horses, hay and fresh air, I loved milking the big but calm and sweet cows, I loved the sound of their voices and watching them running happily into the icelandic sunlight. I loved riding the icelandic horses, although I had to learn it, because riding them in germany is totally different. I also loved the other work, like building fences, cleaning the milking house, planting trees, cleaning out the stable, feeding the little lambs and letting them jump on me to get their milk- I was lucky to be their in the time of the lambing season- it was an amazing feeling to help the sheep giving birth. Oh and what i truly miss is the great meal, that Annika is cooking every day. Oh god yes :) Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention: Annika and Robert! I lov(ed) them too and miss them a lot :) I hope to come again to your place and not just in my dreams. It was just so great to meet and stay with you!

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    Pauliina (Wednesday, 21 October 2015 13:54)

    I came to Réttarholt as a volunteer first time this spring for the last training period before graduating from agricultural school back in Finland. I stayed nearly two months and had such a great time that I came back in the autumn for another one and half months. Aside from barnwork, in the spring I got to help with halter training yearling foals. We didn't ride that much because of bad weather and later we were busy helping a neighbour with lambing season (not complaining, I knew this beforehand!)
    Now in autumn Annika took me with on the sheep roundup, which meant an one-day riding adventure up on the mountains. Briefly I would describe it insane and awesome :'> Made me realize what an icelandic horse is capable of. We took horseshoes off all the riding horses and I dare say that I got much better at holding the legs up. These are just a few off all the things I got to see and do, every day had something to offer!
    I have to thank Annika and Róbert for letting me stay and have amazing time again. I got so much more than I would have hoped to ask for. It's kind of hard to say how grateful and happy I was to be there. Good thing that we had so much to do on the last day, didn't have too much time to think about going away.

    It might take a while before it's possible but I'm going back when I can. I already miss all the animals and people, I wish you all the best!

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    Jeff & Tara (Tuesday, 20 October 2015 22:29)

    Traveling for our honeymoon in the shoulder season, we were interested in learning about Icelandic farms and seeing horses. One afternoon in October we were driving around the countryside with no prior booking, searching for a farm and with little success. Annika kindly welcomed us last minute for a tour of the farm, and time around the horses. I was fascinated with the beautiful variety of horses and their unique personalities. Under a gorgeous sunny blue sky, we spent time amongst the horses while Annika patiently answered our questions. We felt valued as visitors and never rushed even though the tourist season had dwindled. Annika gave us fresh milk to sample and shared other parts of the premise. The visit was a highlight we are talking about with friends and family now that we are back stateside. Thank you Annika and we will return should we visit Iceland again! Thank you for the time amongst your beautiful horses!

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    Anna and Niklas (Tuesday, 18 August 2015 15:24)

    My boyfriend and I took a one-hour riding tour with Annika. Strongly recommended if you're looking for a horse riding tour for beginners with no experience. During the tour, you only ride with Annika and her helpers, with no other tourists, which was exactly what we wanted. A fun tour, lovely horses and scenery - and interesting talk with Annika who can tell you everything you want to know about life in Iceland!

    / Greetings from Anna and Niklas from Sweden who were att Réttarholt on July 22, 2015

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    Nici (Friday, 13 February 2015 12:05)

    I was volunteer in 2014 and spent 3,5 month at Réttarholt. I had a really great time with Annika and Robert! Doing the work on the farm - milking the cows, riding the horses... - was lots of fun. Of course it was hard work but being out in the beautiful nature with the dogs made the work only half as hard.

    Thank you for the great time we had! Hope to see you soon!

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    Jenny (Saturday, 10 January 2015 08:14)

    Eine wunderbare Homepage mit tollen Bildern, die das Leben auf der Farm super beschreiben. Die einzige Möglichkeit die Farm, ihre Menschen und Tiere noch besser kennenzulernen… na klar, ein Besuch auf Réttarholt  Ich habe im Sommer 2011 sechs Wochen als Helfer auf der Farm verbracht und es war eine sehr schöne und erlebnisreiche Zeit. Wer sich die Helferfotos anschaut, sieht wie „bunt“ der (Helfer)-Alltag auf Réttarholt ist. Das Melken ist erstmal totales Neuland für jemanden, der Zuhause seine Milch im Supermarkt kauft. Dank Annikas Unterstützung hat man aber relativ schnell den Dreh raus. Wer nach Hause fährt, weiß danach genau wie viel Liebe zum Tier und auch harte Arbeit hinter der Frühstücksmilch auf Réttarholt steckt. Die Fotos auf der Homepage zeigen auch sehr schön wie frei und natürlich die Pferde der Farm leben dürfen. Tier auf Réttarholt müsste man sein ;-) liebe Annika, du hast mit der Arbeit an eurer Homepage unzählige Stunden verbracht & das Ergebnis ist dir wirklich gelungen! Alle Ex-Helfer mit akutem „Heimweh“ schauen mit Sicherheit immer wieder gerne vorbei um keine News zu verpassen.

    Liebe Grüße und bis bald!

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    Sinja (Sunday, 28 September 2014 13:45)

    Wer die Arbeit mit Tieren an der frischen Luft liebt, der sollte sich eine Zeit auf Réttarholt nicht entgehen lassen!! Ein Gibsfuss empfiehlt sich allerdings nicht - da merkt man schmerzlich, was einem alles entgeht.

    Die Homepage ist super und gibt einen guten Einblick in das Farmleben auf Réttarholt. Die Tiere sind immer fuer eine Ueberraschung gut, so wird es nie langweilig und eintoenig! :-)

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    Esther Audorf (Thursday, 26 June 2014 17:07)

    Da ist euch ja eine sehr schöne homepage gelungen - Glückwunsch! Suer Fotos & tolle Texte... da fühlt man sich gleich wieder wie in den Jahren 2006/ 2007 =)

    Viele Grüße aus Akureyri :-)

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    Tina (Sunday, 06 October 2013 17:06)

    Gratulation!! Eine sehr schöne Homepage! Bestes Foto: Haeschen mit gelber Blume!!! Unglaublich suess!!!!!
    Gruesse Tina

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    michelle (Saturday, 05 October 2013 00:35)

    Wow great job! The hours it probably took to make the new page was definitely worth it!
    The pictures and the texts make me miss every single of your animals and you guys and everything around it!
    So glad for all the big experiences you made possible!
    Lots of hugs, keep it up! xx

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    Linda Björk Jónsdóttir (Friday, 04 October 2013 23:13)

    flott hjá ykkur, skemmtileg síða

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    Katharina (Tuesday, 01 October 2013 16:45)

    I was volunteer in 2012 and 2013 in Rettarholt and had a really great time there. Annika and Robert are very nice and great hosts =) I really enjoyed being there. Milking the cows and doing the work on the farm is a lot of fun and a great experience. I also loved to ride and train the horses. Especally the long ridingtours we did were amazing =)

    Thanks a lot for the great time I had on your farm! It was amazing. I´m sure I will come back next year ;)

    P.S. Your hompage is really nice... ;)

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    Verena (Friday, 13 September 2013 10:00)

    I have been to iceland in 2012 an spent six weeks at réttarholt, from middle of april to beginning of july.
    My favourite "job" was to ride Annikas horses (milla was my favourite one) and train the foals. But also milking the cows and was quite interesting and great fun. Not to forget cuddling the calves ;)
    The most thrilling moments were difficult birth of calves and the slauhgtering of a young cow, where i helped, of course ;)
    We also did a trail ride for one day along the cost and I was able to borrow Annika's car sometimes to drive around.
    It was a very very nice time with Annika and Róbert and I'm going to come back next year!

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